Welcome to Seven Hills Crematorium in Nacton, on the outskirts of Ipswich.

Our main objective is to provide a sensitive and meaningful service at what is probably the most difficult time in anyone’s life. 

The chapel, other buildings, the grounds and the memorial gardens have all been designed with one thing in mind, to make things as easy and helpful as possible.

Seven Hills made a difficult time a little easier. The staff were so helpful at running me through all the options.

- Mrs W. and family

A Brief History of Seven Hills

The name Seven Hills refers to the area containing a group of ancient tumuli dating from the Bronze Age. There may or may not have been seven – it was a number often used to describe an unknown quantity. Only one of the tumuli lies within the boundary of Porters Covert, in an area left undeveloped, so that none of the archaeology has been disturbed. Very fittingly, the tumuli, or bowl barrows, were used for burials or for burials of cremated remains.

The Future

Our aim is to allow families to bid a meaningful farewell to someone who has been dear to them. This means that we will do all we can to accommodate both traditional religious funeral services and other alternative forms of farewell, recognising that each funeral is a unique event to say good-bye to an individual, to be thankful for and to celebrate all they have meant to family and friends.

This Week’s Services